Frying Pan Anglers; a full service fly fishing shop and outfitter based in Basalt Colorado which provides guided fly fishing trips on the frying pan river, roaring fork river, Colorado river to visitors to Basalt and Aspen.Frying Pan Anglers; a full service fly fishing shop and outfitter based in Basalt Colorado which provides guided fly fishing trips on the frying pan river, roaring fork river, Colorado river to visitors to Basalt and Aspen

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Welcome to Frying Pan Anglers
The Best in Colorado Fly Fishing


For Fly Fishing on the Frying Pan River, the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River from Aspen and Basalt for the week ended
21st December 2014

Autumn Hours

7 days a week - 9am - 3pm


Guide School. We are conducting a guide school from the 4th to the 8th of April. See details here.


In the nick of time!! We have had some great snow over the past few days and currently there is 8" on the deck and we are still in the midst of the latest storm. According to the forecast this should continue for another day. The forecast was for 1" and we have had at least 8" The forecast tomorrow is for 3", so who knows how accurate that forecast will be? The funny thing is that last week I made some observations on the quite silly snow pack readings from the mountain. Well in the last week we have had apparently 23" of snow and the snow pack has grown by just 9" from 31" to 40 inchess!! Something tells me they were getting a little ahead of themselves, but luckily global warming came to the rescue and validated their "guesstimate".

Anyway, it is great that we have good snow now. It was excellent skiing yesterday and with the current conditions it should be great through the holidays. It is also great for the snowpack. So overall it is great news.

And of course we are now at the beginning of winter with the days starting to get longer over the next few days. It is always a great turning point to know that the daylight begins to lengthen now.

We trust that you all will have a happy and safe Christmas break. We have enjoyed the past year with a lot having taken place. The opening of the Lodge and relocating to the new shop. It was a big year. So be well. We look forward to catching up next year.

We are now posting photos separately to make the loading of the report easier for your computer. You can see the latest photos: Fly Fishing Photos.

Frying Pan

Current Flow: below the Dam 103cfs.(if you want more uptodate figures check out current readings on our "Links" page)

The recent snows have augmented the snow pack nicely. Meanwhile the Pan is fishing very well with the weather still remaining relatively warm for this time of year. Overnight with clear skies it gets cold but we haven't had those freezing series of days yet which create ice build-ups. Consequently the hatches remain quite strong with good dry fly fishing during the middle of the day.

Recommended Flies:Use midges, BWO's.

For mysis at the dam use Mike's Mysis. epoxy mysis, and BUV mysis.

The midges will come off during the day, particularly if it is sunny. So try Wilson's Reverse Candy Cane #20, red and black chironocones #20, nick's larva in miracle pink, olive, and purple back, brassies #18 - #22, midge larva patterns #18 - #22, copper johns #18 - #22, rainbow warriors, black polywings #18 - #22 and bling midges # 18 - #22.

As they come off try the gray loopwing emergers #20 - #22, the FPA special emergers, biot emergers both with and without the trailing shuck and gray RS2's #18 - #22, Johnny Flash in Olive, Grey, and Black, Olive and Red Jujubee, trailing shuck midge black and cream.

In addition try dry patterns such as the z-wing real midge, black cdc midge and any similar dry black and gray patterns in sizes from #20 through to #26.

With the baetis nymphs and BWO's coming off in the shade try small nymphs such as pheasant tails, bubble backs, FPA sparkle baetis and rs2's. When the BWO's come off parachute adams and standard BWO patterns. Also try the parachute BWO and the thorax patterns.

Roaring Fork

Current Flow: near Emma - 361cfs (if you want more uptodate figures check out current readings on our "Links" page).

The Fork remains in excellent condition with minimal ice buildup and hence great access for wading and, if one has a mind to do so floating lower down.

Recommended Flies: The best results on the Fork now are from nymphing. Use small baetis nymphs after a large stonefly patterns. The browns are getting onto the redds so try streamers as they are now responding.

Try small baetis such as the FPA Sparkle Baetis, the FPA Thorax Emerger, and black pheasant tails have also worked well. For emergers, the rs2 in black or gray. Also the sparkle wing rs2.

For small flies, copper johns, pc phlash, mercury rs2's, pheasant tails, bubble back bwos.

Also try eggs and attractor patterns.

For the stone fly nymphs good patterns continue to include the BB FB Epoxy 20 Incher, the BTB Hot Spot 20 Incher and the CTB RL Epoxy 20 Incher.


The Colorado is in great condition and should remain that way for now. Nymphing produces the best results. The fish are now responding to streamers and the browns are on the redds.

Recommended Flies: Generally the way to go is nymphing with small baetis, the FPA sparkle baetis, sparkle rs2's and biot emergers.

For stonefly nymphs use the BTB Hot Spot 20 Incher, rubberleg patterns such as Mike's BTB Coffee/Black and the Halloween Speckled Girdle Bug, with midges, worms and small baetis patterns behind the lead fly.

Also try Pat's Rubberlegs, Twenty Incher #8-#16, BTB Twenty Incher #8 - #16, BH Prince #12 - #18, Natural Hare's Ear #14 - #18, Hare's Ear Olive #14 - #18.

For streamers use white or black flies. Also use egg patterns.



Our New Location.

The new shop is at
231 Midland Avenue #205, Basalt Co 81621
18 miles from Aspen.

See here for other pictures.




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Frying Pan Anglers is a specialty fly fishing shop, and a licensed (#2389), insured outfitter in the State of Colorado.

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