Frying Pan Anglers; a full service fly fishing shop and outfitter based in Basalt Colorado which provides guided fly fishing trips on the frying pan river, roaring fork river, Colorado river to visitors to Basalt and Aspen.Frying Pan Anglers; a full service fly fishing shop and outfitter based in Basalt Colorado which provides guided fly fishing trips on the frying pan river, roaring fork river, Colorado river to visitors to Basalt and Aspen

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Welcome to Frying Pan Anglers
The Best in Colorado Fly Fishing


For Fly Fishing on the Frying Pan River, the Roaring Fork River and the Colorado River from Aspen and Basalt for the week ended
16th September 2018

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Thursday - Saturday - 8am - 6pm

Sunday - Wednesday - 8am - 6pm


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The Bureau has increased the releases up to 310cfs making for better flows in the fork but moderately challenging flows in the narrower sections of the Pan. The water is still clearing as this is the highest the flows have been in the Pan all year and there is still some material on the edges which needs clearing out. Overall it will be good to clear out some of the debris and make for excellent fishing into Autumn, the favorite time of year for locals.

It was very hot this past week with temperatures in the mid 90's for some time. It is a last gasp as the time for getting discount early bird ski passes closed on Friday. That is how late it is!! Time flies. But the water flows now guarantee great fishing and decent flows from Basalt down for a little while. The flows have to drop back by October 1st so we will see if that happens.

The weather will remain in the high a70's to low 80's over the next week, so bring sunscreen.

Frying Pan

Current Flow: below the Dam 310cfs (if you want more uptodate figures check out current readings on our "Links" page)

With the flows at 310cfs it is now a little tougher wading in the narrower sections of the Pan, but the fish will love it and spread them out more. In addition, the higher flows will clear the edges of silt and improve the mayfly hatches. It is all good.

Recommended Flies:Use midges, egg patterns.

For mysis at the dam use Mike's Mysis. epoxy mysis, and BDV mysis.

The midges will come off during the day, particularly if it is sunny. So try Wilson's Reverse Candy Cane #20, red and black chironocones #20, nick's larva in miracle pink, olive, and purple back, brassies #18 - #22, midge larva patterns #18 - #22, copper johns #18 - #22, rainbow warriors, black polywings #18 - #22 and bling midges # 18 - #22.

As they come off try the gray loopwing emergers #20 - #22, the FPA special emergers, biot emergers both with and without the trailing shuck and gray RS2's #18 - #22, Johnny Flash in Olive, Grey, and Black, Olive and Red Jujubee, trailing shuck midge black and cream.

In addition try dry patterns such as the z-wing real midge, black cdc midge and any similar dry black and gray patterns in sizes from #20 through to #26.

The fish are taking generic nymphs such as pheasant tails and caddis larva patterns. The BWO's are coming off as well. Try emerger patterns such as rs2's and WD-50's.

For PMD's use emergers and dries. For emergers, use the RS2, the emerger, or the FPA shuck trailer PMD. For dries use the No-hackle, the Comparadun or the parachute.

Roaring Fork

Current Flow: near Emma - 420cfs (if you want more uptodate figures check out current readings on our "Links" page).

The higher flows have improved the prospects for good fishing as the increased water will spread the fish out a little. The floating will also improve from Carbondale down.

Try eggs and attractors. Try small baetis such as the FPA Sparkle Baetis, the FPA Thorax Emerger, and black pheasant tails have also worked well. For emergers, the rs2 in black or gray. Also the sparkle wing rs2.

For small flies, copper johns, pc phlash, mercury rs2's, pheasant tails, bubble back bwos.

For the stone fly nymphs good patterns continue to include the BB FB Epoxy 20 Incher, the BTB Hot Spot 20 Incher and the CTB RL Epoxy 20 Incher.Also try drake nymphs such as the FPA Nymph, or the poxyback. For variety try the muskrat as well.

Try PMD's, caddis and drake patterns in the evening.

Also try streamers.


There are reports of good fishing on the Colorado and is the preferred destination of our guides at the moment. See some recent photos from the Colorado.

Recommended Flies:

Generally the way to go is nymphing with small baetis, the FPA sparkle baetis, sparkle rs2's and biot emergers.

For stonefly nymphs use the BTB Hot Spot 20 Incher, rubberleg patterns such as Mike's BTB Coffee/Black and the Halloween Speckled Girdle Bug, with midges, worms and small baetis patterns behind the lead fly.

Try streamers as well.


Shop Location.

Our shop is now at
231 Midland Avenue #205, Basalt Co 81621
18 miles from Aspen.

See here for other pictures.


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Frying Pan Anglers is a specialty fly fishing shop, and a licensed (#2389), insured outfitter in the State of Colorado.

Frying Pan Anglers is an equal opportunity employer and service provider and operates under a Special Use permit from the U.S.D.A Forest Service White River National Forest.

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